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HTC is proud to say that they are the first company to produce the first color palm-size PC, the first Microsoft Smartphone, the first tri-band UMTS 3G handset that runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile and other impressive firsts in the mobile phone industry. For sure, getting an HTC phone will be one smart move on your part. And if you live in the UK, you are lucky because you have access to great handsets being offered by HTC UK.
  • 300 Mins
  • Unlimited Texts
  • 250mb Web
  • Only £21
  • HTC Phone Deals

    As of today, some networks that have HTC phone deals are O2, Orange, Vodafone, and 3. These networks have HTC mobile deals that are just too hard to resist. If you want a relatively cheaper monthly tariff, you can choose HTC phone deals that will cost you only a little over ₤10 every month. Some of these cheaper HTC mobile deals however do not come with a free HTC UK device. The only way for you to get the HTC handset of your choice for free is to choose a contract package that is a little bit expensive. This will not be a frivolous purchase though because these more expensive deals come with better call and text bundles. For instance, Orange offers an HTC handset for free with their Dolphin 35 package. This particular deal will give you 900 free minutes and 6000 free texts. This deal also comes with amazing gifts.

    So what are you waiting for? The only way for you to own a very cool smartphone such as an HTC is to sign up for a contract. Let Local Mobile Deals help you.

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