£5 mobile contract
What can you get with £5 these days? A large McDonald's, A starter meal in a restaurant? Those are great things but not much else, and before now definately nothing other than a bit of pay go call time when it comes to the mobile world! There is a way for you to get something that will give you long-term satisfaction with your £5 note. This something is a £5 mobile contract deal.

£5 mobiles

Tocco Lite
  • 500 Texts
  • 100 Minutes
  • £15pm 16 months Free
  • Only £5pm
  • Great Value

    LG Cookie
  • Unlimited Txts
  • 100 Minutes
  • £15pm 13 months free
  • Only £6.88
  • Great Option

    LG Snap
  • Unlimited Texts
  • 300 Minutes
  • %00MB Data
  • £25pm 17 months free
  • Average £7.30pm
  • Better than £5 phone

    Samsung Monte
  • Unlimited Texts
  • 300 Minutes
  • 500MB Data & Email
  • £25pm 21 months free
  • Average £3.13pm
  • £5 Nokia X3 Handset

    Slide Phone
  • Unlimited Texts
  • 50 Minutes
  • 250MB Data & Email
  • £15 per month, 16 months FREE
  • Average Just £5pm
  • Under £5 Per Month Mobile

    LG GB102
  • Unlimited Texts
  • 100 Minutes
  • £15 Per month / 17 months Free
  • Average £4.38pm
  • £5 Mobile Contract

    Sounds too good to be true? That may be the case but networks today are working on introducing £5 mobiles to the market. With competition stiff as it is, networks are now looking for ways to lure more clients into signing up for monthly contract deals. Orange is now offering a £5 mobile contract in a bid to get some of the pay go possy and the very low users sections interested in paying monthly.

    As of the moment, there is only one £5 phone deal available. But it's only a matter of time until more handsets come on board or the other mobile phone networks in the UK will be offering the same or simular £5 mobile contract deals. Once we have more details available on these economical £5 mobiles, Mobile Phone Deals will tell you right away, but currently you get a basic nokia handset and 50 mins and 50 texts. So if this handset is not for you, keep visiting our website so that you can be one of the first people to avail of a £5 phone package. Yes, the handset is not as good as the lg cookie or the other handsets in the nokia range, but you cannot deny that fact that having to pay only £5 every month is a definite value for your money.

    UT = Unlimited Texts Localmobiledeals.co.uk Review On £5 Contract

    Without doubt orange has it right entering the market at £5 a month. Yet this contract would not be for myself as I would have the 50 mins or calls and texts away in a few days. So it will not be for everyone. Yet, for Grandparents, Frequent Road users, A spare phone for the family or a light pay and go user, then this deal is worth a look. If you are not after the
    Latest touch screen mobiles and dont spend a lot on texting then this is well worth a look! Remember 36 months contract is what orange have on offer here and calls and texts at a higher rate outside the package, you need to be aware of your usage before entering into the £5 a month phone contract.

    If on the other hand you are a big texter check out the Unlimited Texts phone deals for texting contracts from only a tenner! If you are always talking then Unlimited Calls is the place you will need to head.
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